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Healing and hurting

The violent protests against police violence after George Floyd's death in the USA and the discussion about the subversion of the corona demos by right-wing groups in Germany have shown that this pandemic crisis is a breeding ground for xenophobic and racist acts of violence, national chauvinism and social inequality. Traditional traumas and collective injuries caused by social exclusion, nationalism and racism have not been overcome - not in the US nor in Europe. Our democratic togetherness appears more and more delicate and that in many regions of the world.

What is the function of art in the 21st century? What are practices of a sustainable and social art production? And how can a new social 'together' be created in a post-corona society? How to support the ecologization of the cultural sector? And how can social participation, inclusion and participation be implemented towards a diverse, open and tolerant social future?

Question during the summer 2020 at Ekeby


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