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Our world has changed in recent weeks. Old habits and well-known knowledge models have lost their validity. #StayAtHomeSafe has become a new reality due to the coronavirus. Projects in the creative and art sector cannot continue, which confronts many of us with major financial challenges. Theaters, museums, cinemas, galleries, bars, cultural institutions and rehearsal rooms are closed. We cannot play theater, make music or dance together. Nevertheless, we exchange ideas, share fears and try to break new ground in this crisis.

From the beginning in 2014, a central theme of the International Research Center for Contemporary Art Ekeby has been the motto: "The old times have passed". It marks our search for a new time, an other together - not only in the arts. With all our European partners, we started looking for transformation processes, for social and sustainable cultural production.

Let us stick together during this time and be strong and brave! As artists, creatives, as citizens of the world.

The old times have passed. WELCOME TO EKEBY.

Marc Wagenbach


Ekeby. The International Research Center for Contemporary Arts


Eclectic: intimacy, lifestyle, cultural theory. Next magazine 2020


Applied seminars, colloquia and workshops. For amateurs and professionals in the arts and research


Theater, dance, film, digital practices, exhibitions. ear develops and produces experimental formats in the arts.

Our Mission

Dr. Marc Wagenbach

Listen. Develop a unique voice.

Less talk, more understanding.

Without fear.

Be bold and develop new formats in artistic practice and research.

Be now! Be ear!


Ekeby Art and Research B.V.
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