Travel stories

What are the important biographical moments? Junctions, smells, places of the past. And what forms our sensuality?

Humidity searches for past moments. The special instances in our memory. What has made us what we are today? What were and are our needs, fears, desires? No. 1 begins in Sydney and Venice. At some time at the beginning of the 21st century.

On the search for our experience of the world.


01: “I always used to love sitting on the roof under the sky of the South Pacific. From there I could see the bay. Wet laundry hung everywhere. I loved my neighbours. They often had sex with each other. And they were loud. I loved watching them through the window in the rear courtyard, how they loved each other. From the kitchen, when I was trying to remove the many cockroaches from behind the refrigerator. The whole house had a special smell. I always knew when I was home. I felt free. I was 23.”


02: “I was in Venice for the first time. Thomas Mann. So many stories. Somehow everywhere smelled of death. Biennale. Competition. The art world. Everyone so busy. And they play music in the marketplace. But “is it reasonable so long to fear a thing that will so soon be despatched? Long life, and short, are by death made all one; for there is no long, nor short, to things that are no more,” says Montaigne. And I wait for the waiter. It’s nice here – Death in Venice.”

Our Mission

Dr. Marc Wagenbach

Listen. Develop a unique voice.

Less talk, more understanding.

Without fear.

Be bold and develop new formats in artistic practice and research.

Be now! Be ear!

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