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Eclectic Magazine wants to reflect all facets of our life and glimpse into the future. Analyzing trends. Presenting ideas. Presenting opinions and developing unique perspectives. For us. For you. Personal. Intimate. Eclectic.

How does our time feel? What are our dreams and desires? And what are we afraid of? A magazine for lifestyle, intimacy and cultural theory.

Reflect our time

Ekeby Research Center

A projekt by ear

Ekeby International Research Center for Contemporary Arts brings together young artists and researchers from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to learn together and share their expertise. To work together. To reflect. To seek out new aesthetic forms. To reflect upon production processes. To experiment. To study art and the world that we inhabit.

That’s Ekeby. And Ekeby is ear.

Rehearsal Studies. Analyzing Culture


Post-narrative theater breaks with the illusion that a performance communicates a message formulated by its director. What counts is the reality of the moment on stage. The viewer and the location are both part of the story. Theater as a moment in time in an accelerated world. And the spectator as the producer of his/her own story.

Director Pascal Merighi talks about his approach to the development of Bachibouzouk.


Why are we still making theater? What is the role of dance within the context of contemporary mass media culture? And what particular role does art occupy within the context of digital self-representation and an ever-present lifestyle industry? Why do we make art? On aesthetics in the early twenty-first century.

ear produces and co-produces experimental formats in the arts. ear awards residencies and creates space for interventions, happenings and discussions. Why art?


How do we want to live today? In the city. In the countryside. As agents of constant self-improvement in a society that lionizes performance? What overwhelms us? What lends us autonomy? 
An exploration of the Self in an age of hyper-stimulation. 

Ekeby GLOBAL explores how creative professionals live in the contemporary cities. What motivates them? How do the influence the city society? What are their dreams? Their wishes? Their fears? What advantages do they see in an urban lifestyle? And how do they view their future?



How can we communicate experience? How can we transform theory into practice within the context of the everyday? These far-reaching questions lie within the scope of our research. Overcoming conventional systems and patterns of thinking. Translating. Transforming. Seeking out new questions and new solutions. Probing their practical application. Frequently in case studies. For a fluid world, a constantly shifting age. Snapshots of knowledge. Snapshots of ourselves.

That’s ear!


How has the digital changed everyday life and our experience of the world? What are the sociocultural impacts of the unfettered expansion of the digital? To what extent are these impacts expressions of our age and symptoms of the emergence of a society of control? Is there a sensuality of the digital? A new economy of the senses? Exploring a new age. The shifts in perception. The processes of fragmentation. And the resulting transformation.

Translate fiction. That’s ear!

Our Mission

Dr. Marc Wagenbach

Listen. Develop a unique voice.

Less talk, more understanding.

Without fear.

Be bold and develop new formats in artistic practice and research.

Be now! Be ear!

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