Situatedness. Practices Of Observing

Ekeby is characterized by its diversity of different academic practices and point of views. From the periphery to the center of knowledge production. From academics, non-professionals, from artists to scientists. Transdisciplinary. Cross-sectoral. Heterogeneous.

Doing Ethnographies. A project in 2021 (winter)

Unsere Mission


Hinhören. Eine eigene Stimme finden.

Nicht reden, sondern verstehen wollen.
Ohne Angst

Mutig, um neue Formate im Bereich der Kunst und Wissenschaft zu

Sei JETZT! Sei ear!

Ekeby Art and Research B.V.
Watergatstraat 8
7383 ED Voorst Gem Voorst

Geschäftsführer: Dr. Marc Wagenbach

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