Ekeby. A Laboratory

New ways of academic and artistic practice.
Ekeby. Research and Experience Life

Ekeby is an international research center for contemporary arts in the Netherlands.

Ekeby. A project by ear

Operated by ear - the International Research Center For Contemporary Arts Ekeby is located within the Appense Bos Nature Reserve in the Netherlands, close to the cities of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen. The center is just an hour’s drive from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) and ninety minutes from the Ruhr Region in Germany.


Ekeby is a transdisciplinary production facility for artists and researchers working in the fields of culture and performance, architects, futurologists, economists, designers, urban planners, ethnologists, DJs, urban gardeners and writers. Built in the early twentieth century, this former summerhouse is located on a sprawling 15,000-square-meter estate and is equipped with rehearsal rooms, studios, seminar rooms and outdoor performance areas. Ekeby is an ideal setting for residencies, seminars, workshops, summer courses and festivals – for two days, a week or longer. The center brings together young artists and researchers from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to share their expertise and learn together. Ekeby is a place for collaboration. Reflection. Experimentation. And the discovery of new aesthetic forms. Ekeby is a center for the study of twenty-first-century aesthetics, the development of new ways of living and the exploration of the production practices and perceptions of our digital age. A laboratory for the future, Ekeby is dedicated to the study and experience of art and art-making.

Our Mission

Dr. Marc Wagenbach

Listen. Develop a unique voice.

Less talk, more understanding.

Without fear.

Be bold and develop new formats in artistic practice and research.

Be now! Be ear!


Ekeby Art and Research B.V.
Watergatstraat 8
7383 ED Voorst Gem Voorst
The Netherlands

Executive Director Dr Marc Wagenbach

RSIN 8540.99.128
KvK 60876727
IBAN NL84ABNA0521189942

+ 31 613 40 77 68