No. 01: New Learning

New learning. What exactly does that mean?

Eveline Sebaa developed a theater-pedagogical method composed of actor training, communication science and experience in dealing with people from different fields (theater, school, companies, social institutions) which is a foundation of our section New Learning at Ekeby. Attempts are made in seminars to deconstruct communicative practices and connections and to put them back together in such a manner that new experiences and things learned fit into the spaces between, and so that free spaces are redefined and developed.


The goal of this ASSEMBLY KIT 01 is to give space to one’s own personality. To test and improve one’s own capacity for teamwork. To be aware of the responsibility of a position of leadership and to learn how to handle it. To envision one’s role in the team and to work in the team. Stress management, relaxation exercises and reinforcing the ability to concentrate are part of this seminar. Also “practicing” criticism and intensifying practices of “self-awareness”. These are steps that we want to take with you.


“We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for that which we do not do,” says Molière. We are very quick to get an impression of other people. Within seconds we categorize people into schemes, patterns or pigeonholes. This often happens as a result of assumption and thought habits. That is not objectionable. It is just important to be aware of that and to try not to pigeonhole people too easily: and that includes oneself, of course.

Solving conflicts means first naming the conflict. Deescalating communication means conversing empathically with one’s counterpart. Asking questions and listening actively. And communicating excessive burdens in the team belongs just as much to self-perception – i.e. self-responsibility – as positive feedback after successful change or overcoming difficult situations. Various versions of our own behavior are part of our communicative practice as well as that of our counterpart: interpretation, misunderstanding, status comparisons, likeability, antipathy, self-confidence or shyness, to name just a few cornerstones.


In our area New Learning we address each of your individual thematic focuses, in order to develop with you a conceptual field of work. That is part of our working method. It should identify where the shoe pinches. What your needs and ideas are. What disturbs you. What you want to achieve. Where your wishes lie. Every seminar is developed according to each specific group and adapted to the personal needs. The seminars are held in English or in German.


You will be able to take away a handbook with literature and summarized content, containing many new impulses and concrete opportunities to apply what you have learned or intensify your communication practices. You will understand yourself and your counterpart better, and you will be able to communicate and perceive better. All of the methodically developed concepts and seminars in the area of New Learning form part of the research work of the Ekeby International Research Center for Contemporary Arts, and are enriched by its experiences and knowledge.

Let’s design the future.


Simply call us at + 31 6 13 40 77 68 or write an e-mail to marc@ear.productionsor


A completed questionnaire, so that we can prepare in a targeted manner (e.g. focusing on the area: communication in general, sharpening perception, team-building, dealing with moments of escalation). A binding confirmation for a certain period. Openness, curiosity and interest in New Learning.

We are looking forward to seeing you! In Ekeby or wherever you are.

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